Creating A Unique Funeral

A funeral guide for comfort during unsettling times

Creating A Unique Funeral

There are many ways you can make a truly unique and bespoke funeral to match your loved one’s wishes and make their funeral reflect how they were in life. In this post, we will look at the variety in which some of these ways might help. There are many different ways you can get the personal touch with the funeral of your loved one.

A common way this can be done is with flowers. I can’t count the number of funerals I have attended where there have been flowers in the shape of the badge of the deceased favourite football team. On top of that sometimes the families will ask if the gentlemen bearing the coffin on the day can wear ties matching the colour of their favourite football team e.g if their favourite football team was Chelsea (good choice) and the family request matching ties, the gentlemen can wear Blue coloured ties. You can also have the flowers shaped into anything you might want. I once was conducting a funeral for a man who was a postman for the majority of his life and we had some flowers in the shape of a posties van.

Another way to make the funeral truly unique is to have a personalised coffin. There are companies around that can wrap the coffin in whatever design you would like for your loved one. This can include and is not exclusive to a personal picture you have taken on your phone. There are also many options that companies will have for example a coffin wrapped in a calm sea side view.

A rarer option that I occasionally see is sometimes families will take the service themselves, this is instead of having a celebrant or minister take the service. This works well if you have a very organised individual who might have a good idea of how services are normally run amongst you to help make sure things go ahead smoothly, however, I would not recommend this for everyone as it takes a lot to be able to stand up and speak during the service of a loved one.

Another option is the vehicles you choose for the funeral service, as they don’t always have to be a traditional hearse. I’m sure you have heard of Motorcycle hearses before but there is now a large variety of options available including a recent new addition to our fleet of cars at Ford Mears a fully electric hearse for those slightly more eco-conscious.

No matter what option you choose there is always multiple ways you can tailor a service to be exactly what you are looking for. If you are struggling to think of any feel free to ask your funeral director for suggestions or ideas.

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Matthew Mears
Funeral Director at Ford Mears Farnborough