Our Green Funerals strive to provide the most environmentally friendly funeral service possible within a natural burial ground and utilising our own fully electric hearse.

This service is available throughout the South directly with Green Funerals or through our various office locations.

Green Funerals is part of the Ford Mears Group offering the most environmentally friendly Funeral Service within the UK, whilst upholding our normal high standards of care and professional service to our local community. We are also able to extend this service to families looking for a Green Funeral Service, who may not be local to one of our offices. Our aim is to deliver the greenest options available to suit a family’s needs.

The package offered below is the greenest service we are able to recommend. This includes our professional services, care, and preparation of the deceased, in hours collection within 50 miles of our office, use of our New Fully Electric Hearse and an English grown and handmade Somerset Willow coffin. We can also recommend various natural burial sites. However, some of these options may not suit everyone’s wishes so we are able to tailor the Green Funeral Service to suit individual needs.

Whilst we are not yet able to offer an eco-limousine, all our traditional funeral vehicles are euro 6 compliant and have stop-start technology to reduce our emissions. Green Funerals will always strive to be as green as practically possible.

The Natural Choice

Close Up Eco Coffin
Simple Process

The deceased can be buried in a biodegradable coffin made of natural materials.

Eco Hearse And Eco Coffin Woods
Woodland burial grounds

Woodland burial plots are set amongst trees and wildflowers, providing a pleasant setting for families to bury their loved ones. It is also possible to bury or scatter the cremated ashes of a loved one within woodland burial grounds, following a traditional cremation.

Electric Hearse Driving Past
Eco-Friendly Hearse

We’re launching our fully electric hearses into our existing fleet of ceremonial vehicles for those who’d like to reduce the carbon footprint of their final journey. These can also be chosen for a traditional funeral.



Giving Back to the Earth
£ 4,495* Excluding Disbursements
  • Professional Fees
  • Care & Preparation of Deceased
    No embalming, including dressing in own clothes
  • Removal Into Our Care
    Between 8:30 – 17:00 within 50 miles. Additional charge may incur depending of locating due to distance
  • Electric Hearse & Bearers
    Electric Hearse & Bearers 50% radius on our Haslemere office. Additional charge may incur depending on your chosen location due to distance
  • Somerset Willow Coffin

The Somerset Willow Coffins

The willow coffins are lovingly handcrafted by experienced basket makers, using age-old skills honed for over four generations. Every detail is important and is crafted with the utmost care and dedication. Each wicker coffin can be personalised with a beautiful selection of coloured bands and handles upon the family’s request. In addition, Somerset Willow can weave into the willow coffin, matching crosses, symbols and designs should this be the wish of the family. Somerset Willow Coffins™ make for the perfect tribute for the environmentally conscious individual seeking to have a greener send-off.


The Traditional Willow coffins, also known as wicker coffins, feature tapered square ends, beautifully plaited edging, and natural hand-woven willow handles. A lasting legacy and a personal tribute made with the original care and dedication that has driven the manufacturer’s family business for over four generations.


The Curved Willow coffins, also known as wicker coffins, feature tapered round ends, beautifully plaited edging, and natural hand-woven willow handles. A lasting legacy and a personal tribute made with the original care and dedication that has driven the manufacturer’s family business for over four generations.

Each willow coffin is carefully handcrafted to every individual request. Choose from two main colour finishes, buff, or gold willow. Then select from one of thirteen natural hand-dyed colours to personalise bands of woven willow into the coffin. Choose natural willow, rope, or woven handles in complimenting colours, paying subtle homage to your loved one.

You can be sure you will receive nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship. Every coffin is finished with the company badge, symbolising the quality and heritage of all our willow coffins.


Featuring our fully electric hearse

Green funerals is proud to use our fully electric hearse, Ideal for the environmentally conscious and future thinkers. The Nissan Leaf hearse has zero emissions while maintaining the professional and sleek design of a traditional funeral vehicle. The all-electric hearse heralds a new era in not only automotive thinking but funeral vehicles today and for the future. Being completely electric has a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Forward thinking with the future clearly in mind this vehicle provides transportation for the future, today. The hearse provides not only a lack in environmental pollution but also a drastic reduction in noise pollution and the smoothest journey possible.

natural burial locations

A green burial is either classed as a woodland or natural burial. This option is becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly option for funerals. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremations. A woodland/natural burial does not allow for a traditional headstone to mark the grave and grass areas are cut less often. This allows for the site to be managed to encourage native wildlife, flora, and fauna. A native tree, wildflowers or wooden plaque is sometimes placed on the grave, every site differs.

The majority of green burial sites are privately owned or owned by nature charities. There are a number of council run cemeteries which also have areas set aside.
The burial grounds usually request coffins are made from biodegradable material i.e., wicker, willow, recycled cardboard or even a shroud. These are designed to easily decompose and be environmentally friendly. They will contain no fittings, screws or nails that are not natural. Embalming is generally not undertaken as the chemicals used may pollute the ground. With a green burial the body is allowed to naturally decompose and return to the earth.

Having a woodland burial helps to create a protected piece of woodland for future generations.

Below shown on the map are the Natural Burial Sites (the green pins) we are able to facilitate safely within our Electric Hearse’s range from our Haslemere, Surrey office. Our office locations are in the gold pins.

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