Woodland Burial

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Woodland Burial

What is a woodland burial?

Woodland burials are also known as green or natural burials. Woodland burials are increasing in popularity as more and more people are becoming eco-conscious. This type of burials are eco-friendly alternatives to regular burials and cremations. As the name implies woodland burials are often held in fantastic open woodland areas where most of the time people are given the choice to choose their burial plot. Whether that be next to their favourite type of tree or even next to some beautiful flowers. The graves are not marked with a headstone instead marked with a tree or flowers all depending on what is allowed.

What makes a woodland burial eco-friendly?

Woodland burials as well as being in an open woodland area also tend to limit the types of coffins that can be used, making sure that the coffins used are environmentally friendly, these coffins tend to be made from

  • Willow
  • Wicker
  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo
  • Banana Leaf

The focus is on preserving the natural beauty of the woodland environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers. Therefore, embalming is not normally allowed.

What happens at a woodland burial?

A woodland burial is similar to normal burials whereby the person is laid to rest in the ground. This involves the deceased being in a biodegradable coffin or the burying of cremated remains. Woodland burial services are very flexible as the service does not need to follow religious traditions. The service can be held around the grave or another suitable venue. The service does not need to be held in a church.

How do I find a woodland burial ground?

Woodland burial grounds are increasing in popularity meaning that more and more are popping up around the UK. We have a map that lists all of the local natural burial sites in the local area on our green funerals page. If you aren’t able to see any close to you on the map please do contact your local funeral directors and see what options are available locally to you.

Lastly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Green aches heatherley wood for supplying pictures of their beautiful woodland burial ground for me to use on this post.

Written by,

Matthew Mears

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Matthew Mears
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