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My Mother

A funeral poem for comfort during unsettling times


My Mother

Look up to the sky.

Now tell me what you see.

A cloud, the moon, possibly the sun.

Many answers there will be.

When I look up to the sky,

I’ll tell you what I see.

I see my mother,

And she’s looking back at me.

She tells me she didn’t want to leave us,

But it was time for her to depart.

It was the hardest thing she had to do,

And it’s breaking her heart.

She tells me we mustn’t be sad

Because finally she’s pain free.

She’s found her place in heaven

Underneath a blossom tree.

She’ll always be there to guide us

When we feel we’ve lost the way.

She’ll always be there to comfort us

And wipe those tears away.

She’ll always be there to share our joy

And laugh at the jokes we make.

In order to feel her presence,

Only a little imagination it’ll take.

She may be in the form of a butterfly

Or simply a floating feather

Or hovering over like a busy bee

Or simply part of the weather.

You’ve all come here to say your farewell,

But for me it’s not goodbye.

If I want to see her, all I have to do

Is look up to the sky.

Sweet dreams, Mam

Carol Bodenham

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