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A funeral poem for comfort during unsettling times



I have nightmares and can’t sleep.

The loss of you is a wound so deep.

My mind recorded the times we had.

Knowing there will be no more memories makes me sad.

I struggle for answers to what went wrong.

I’ll miss you my whole life, however long.

My world has changed to black and gray.

My tears come frequently every day.

I don’t think my heart will heal.

I still can’t accept that this is real.

Keeping you close is not enough.

Happiness and smiling is so tough.

I don’t know who I am; I only know I’m not me.

A mother who lost her child is what people see.

How can I go on without you here?

Finding out there is no heaven is my greatest fear.

I’m trusting my God and the promises he said.

I picture a beautiful reunion in my head.

One more day, just one more time to hold my child

and ease my mind.

I hope you knew how much you meant

and how much I loved the child God sent.

My heart, my soul will never be the same.

I will always cry when I hear your name.

I can’t erase the day you left; it will always haunt me.

A life cut short, a scream in the night, something not meant to see.

The wound I have from losing you is a wound like no other,

a broken heart of a grieving mother.

Tonight I can’t sleep.

My pain’s too deep

because I am missing you.

Denise Tiburcio

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