The Somerset Willow Coffins

The willow coffins are lovingly handcrafted by experienced basket makers, using age-old skills honed for over four generations. Every detail is important and is crafted with the utmost care and dedication. Each wicker coffin can be personalised with a beautiful selection of coloured bands and handles upon the family’s request. In addition, Somerset Willow can weave into the willow coffin, matching crosses, symbols and designs should this be the wish of the family. Somerset Willow Coffins™ make for the perfect tribute for the environmentally conscious individual seeking to have a greener send-off.


The Traditional Willow coffins, also known as wicker coffins, feature tapered square ends, beautifully plaited edging, and natural hand-woven willow handles. A lasting legacy and a personal tribute made with the original care and dedication that has driven the manufacturer’s family business for over four generations.


The Curved Willow coffins, also known as wicker coffins, feature tapered round ends, beautifully plaited edging, and natural hand-woven willow handles. A lasting legacy and a personal tribute made with the original care and dedication that has driven the manufacturer’s family business for over four generations.

Each willow coffin is carefully handcrafted to every individual request. Choose from two main colour finishes, buff, or gold willow. Then select from one of thirteen natural hand-dyed colours to personalise bands of woven willow into the coffin. Choose natural willow, rope, or woven handles in complimenting colours, paying subtle homage to your loved one.

You can be sure you will receive nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship. Every coffin is finished with the company badge, symbolising the quality and heritage of all our willow coffins.

Colour Finishes

Choose from two main colour finishes

The natural buff willow finish ranges from a dark orange hue to a chestnut-brown appearance. The colouration comes from the willow being boiled for over eight hours before being stripped ready for use. Willow is a coppice material and grows naturally from a crown, the crowns are arranged in rows which are harvested annually.

Weatherbeaten Gold™

Weatherbeaten Gold is Somerset Willow’s signature finish. The willow has a golden hue which holds a subtle weathered appearance. For Weatherbeaten Gold the manufacturer’s keep back the lightest harvest willow,  then boil for over 8 hours before stripping and treating to produce this unique colour.

Hand-dyed Colours

If you like you can select colours of hand-dyed willow to be carefully woven into distinctive bands around the top and bottom of your coffin, in addition you can also have matching handles. The dye used in the colouring process is a natural fabric dye derived from natural salts and colouring agents.

Tailor made Eco-Coffins

Somerset Willow pioneered the willow coffins in 1998, providing a natural alternative to traditional options, helping to evolve the celebration of life. Each willow coffin is made entirely by hand, using traditional techniques which have remained unchanged for generations. Willow is the perfect material, environmentally considerate to the earth, yet beautiful when woven.

Every Process is Important

Somerset Willow are passionate about willow, this is reflected in the manufacturing process, from the tiny tender shoots planted and nurtured, to the final piece of willow crafted into a wicker coffin as a finishing touch. Every detail matters and this ensures the delivery of nothing less than an exceptional product.
You can take comfort knowing the willow coffins are the mindful choice for the environmentally conscious. Willow has long been known for its positive environmental benefits, particularly its renewable and ecological properties. Willow is a sound alternative to conventional materials such as particleboard, plastic, and metal.


Did you know, the manufacturing process for one of the willow coffins releases 60% less CO₂ than a conventional particleboard coffin. Willow is carbon negative and during the growth of the willow crop, CO₂ becomes trapped under the soil reducing the amount of CO₂ released into the atmosphere. When this is considered, the coffins’ net CO₂ emissions as a result of production, are as little as one-third of that of a particleboard coffin


Willow is grown in rows of bushes on the Somerset levels. Somerset Willow begin harvesting the willow in late autumn. Once cut the willow will regenerate back to the same height within a single year. Willow enjoys rapid growth, is highly renewable, and the number one reason it is used as a crop for biomass energy. Once planted, a willow crown will last up to 60 years before needing to be renewed, in that time only the most basic of maintenance is required.


The willow coffins are completely bio-degradable, the coffin structure, the handles and the lid, including all the linings are totally natural. Somerset Willow are committed to not using glues, resins, or metal in the manufacture of the willow coffins. This helps to contribute towards the coffin being able to decompose much more quickly than conventional options such as MDF and chipboard.


The willow Somerset Willow grow integrates with its surrounding land exceptionally well, providing a natural habitat for many species of wetland birds and animals. When grown as a short rotation coppice, the willow has a much higher water consumption than agricultural crops. In flood-affected areas, this helps to take the pressure off the natural landscape. In addition, willow is used as a natural engineering solution to tackle a range of conditions such as; biofiltration, constructed wetlands, ecological wastewater treatment, hedges, land reclamation, bioengineering, slope stabilisation and soil erosion control. 

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